freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml

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freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml
freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml

freezeframe Rosehip Pro 25ml

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ROSEHIP PRO is a powerful blend of the world’s most potent active oils including Rosehip oil, the breakthrough new anti-aging discovery Cacay oil and the world’s most potent plant source of Omega 3 Incha Inchi. Acai, Tomato and Cranberry seed oil add to the powerful antioxidant cocktail whilst Pracaxi oil provides clinically proven brightening for a radiant, even toned complexion

The addition of Ayurvedic herb Swertia Chirata, a stem cell & growth factor powerhouse, plus powerful anti-pollution technology, takes this Super Oil Blend to the next level, delivering world leading, clinically proven antioxidant, free radical anti- pollution protection. Proven to be more effective than Arbutin, Vitamin C, and Kojic Acid.

Just 2-3 drops of this Natural Golden Oil is clinically proven to do all this:

For Skin:

  • Reduces wrinkles.

In clinical trials:

  • Wrinkles were reduced in 7 days
  • Wrinkles were reduced by 68%

  • 95% of participants saw dramatic wrinkle reduction in 4 week.

  • 100% of participants in clinical trial saw firmer, tighter skin

Reduces dark spots/pigmentation.

One clinical trial showed dark spots all but disappear after 4 months. Another showed reduction in melanin of 29% in just 9 days. Clinically proven to protect against both UV Damage and nitrogen based free radicals; 2 major causes of dark spots.

Brightens Skin

  • Clinically proven brightening action in 9 days.
  • Promotes a more even skin tone.

Boosts Collagen

  • Clinically proven to increase collagen network density in 9 days.

Stimulates Skin Renewal/cellular repair

Clinically proven to stimulate:

  • Stem cells.
  • Growth factors.
  • Keratinocytes
  • Improves barrier function.
  • Unblocks pores.
  • Improves circulation.

For Hair

  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Supports hair follicle health.
  • Unblocks hair follicles
  • Heat protection
  • UV protection

For Nails

  • Conditions cuticles.
  • Strengthens nails.


  • Highest levels of Omega 3, 6 & 9 from
    plant oil source

  • Highest levels of antioxidant protection

  • Free radical protection against both oxygen + nitrogen species

  • 99.3% protection against genptoxic effects of pollution

  • High levels of trans retinoic acid (Vitimin A) for skin renewal

  • High levels of Vitimin E

·         How 4 of ROSEHIP PROs super oils fight aging, scars and dark spots – including one rare, hard to find oil from Peru which can even give you longer, fuller looking hair!

·         How ROSEHIP PRO reduces wrinkle appearance in just 9 days

·         There are two major ways ROSEHIP PRO reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

·         The first is the high content of EFAs – essential fatty acids. Many oils claim to be high in EFAs, but the oils in our clinical blend are not only high, they are the highest. Apart from Rosehip Oil and the latest breakthrough CACAY oil, ROSEHIP OIL also includes Inca Inchi – the highest known plant source of OMEGA 3. You simply cannot get more omega 3 in an oil than this.

·         Even more powerful for wrinkle rejuvenation is Trans-retinoic acid – a natural form of the Vitamin A Tretinoin, which is sold on prescription as an anti wrinkle cure. Rosehip Seed oil is thought to source it’s anti aging power from its high content of Trans retinoic acid, but a rare oil from Peru called Cacay oil is so powerful it has 3 times the vitamin A of Rosehip oil. Both are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles dramatically from 3 weeks. Due to a worldwide shortage of this oil, ROSEHIP PRO has the only available supply in Australia.

·         Pracaxi oil picks up the pace for these 2 super oils with a clinically proven collagen boosting ability that resulted in a reduction in wrinkle appearance in just 9 days.

·         But that wasn’t enough for our scientists. They discovered an ancient Ayurvedic herb from India called Swertia Chirata, which works on your body’s own stem cell and growth factors to provide a clinically proven reduction in visible wrinkles of 68% in just 7 days, making ROSEHIP PRO not only the most powerful, but the also the fastest acting natural anti aging oil available.

·         How ROSEHIP PRO Firms skin – 3 drops a day to a lifted face, jaw and neck

·         All of the oils in ROSEHIP PRO help to firm the skin, but 3 stand out as firming superheroes.

·         CACAY oil has been clinically proven to firm skin in 100% of trial participants, whilst both Inca Inchi and Swertia Chirata have been clinically proven to stimulate keratinocytes, the building blocks of your skin which give it that tight, lifted appearance.

·         Working with your body’s own stem cells, Sweria Chiatra also adds to the firming effect, renewing skin and it’s underlying support structure.

How Rosehip Pro fights scarring

Clinical trials done on post surgical scarring have shown that Rosehip oil not only helps to reduce the scarring from surgery, but it has also been shown to make the scars almost disappear completely! Again, the reason is thought to be the high levels of vitamin A in the oil, which is further enhanced by the even higher levels of vitamin A in CACAY oil.

The inclusion of Stem Cell powerhouse Swertia Chirata is inspired by skin tissue engineering, where scientists literally grow skin in a lab. Now, the power of nature can go to work in your skin for the ultimate skin renewal with this incredible herb. It is proven to thicken damaged skin and promote a smooth even surface, so scars can fall into line with the rest of your skin.

How ROSEHIP PRO fights dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skintone – whilst brightening skin in just 9 days

2 powerful ingredients work together to lighten all forms of dark spots, age spots, sun spots, melisma – even freckles. – anywhere on the face or body (particularly good for décolletage).

Our Pracaxi Oil has been flown in from Brazil to add super brightening to our super oil blend. It has been clinically proven to even out the skin tone and provide a brighter, fresher looking complexion in just 9 days!

Add to this our nitrogen blocker Lipochroman, a compound which is related to the Tocopherol family (vitamin E). This powerful free radical scavenger works to protect against not only the more common oxygen species of free radical – but also nitrogen species. Nitrogen based free radicals are thought to be a major contributor to the formation of dark spots and pigmentation of the skin.

Lipochroman also provides a defense against UV rays – the other major contributor to uneven pigmentation problems.

How ROSEHIP PRO reduces stretchmarks

The high omega content in all of these oils are of great benefit to stretch marks, and the vitamin A in both Rosehip and CACAY provide exfoliation and regeneration, without the side effects of retinols or Tretinoin. The powerful exfoliation from the combined vitamin A source works to reveal fresh new skin beneath the damaged surface.

Swertia Chirata harnesses the power of your own stem cells and growth factors to transform the look of stretched, thin skin into a thicker, healthier looking state, it is found in the best clinical stretch mark formulas available.

The essential fatty acids in ROSEHIP PRO will also help prevent new stretch marks from forming.

How Rosehip Pro increases moisture and protects lipid balance

The thought of oil on our face can be counter intuitive. When we hear oil we think…well greasy. But these natural oils are dry oils, which means they absorb instantly and invisibly into the skin. You only need 2 – 3 drops but the moisturizing effect is undeniable. Not just undeniable, but clinically proven of course. CACAY oil trials had 100% of trial participants see increased hydration, whilst Inca Inchi is clinically proven to improve skin barrier function and protect the lipid balance of the skin.

What is interesting is that it’s also a great balancer for oily skin. It unclogs pores, restores oil balance, regulates sebum, and -my favorite part – reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. And yes, thank you CACAY that is clinically proven too (including an effect on blemishes)!

It’s the perfect moisture enhancer for both dry and oily skin.

How ROSEHIP PRO rejuvenates hands

Hands often show the effects of aging more than any area, helping them grow naturally longer. They are always exposed and this exposure can result in dry cracked skin, sun spots and of course brittle nails and hang nails.

ROSEHIP PRO helps with all of these with a clinically proven action on dark spots, moisture, smoothness and suppleness, and it will help to condition cuticles and strengthen nails.

How ROSEHIP PRO improves Hair growth appearance

You’ve heard of Argan oil, well argan oil is thought to be great for its hair due to it’s high content of Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E. ROSEHIP PROs CACAY oil has twice the linoleic acid and is 50% higher in Vitamin E than Argan oil.

But its not just great for smoothing your hair or protecting it from heat or sun damage (but it is all of that), The CACAY oil in ROSEHIP PRO is clinically proven to support hair follicle health, unclog hair follicles and stimulate the appearance of hair growth for longer, thicker looking hair.

How ROSEHIP PRO protects your skin from pollution, oxidants and free radicals

Every ingredient in ROSEHIP PRO works together to not just correct your skin and bring it back to balance, but to protect it in every way possible. Our super oils are all clinically proven anti oxidants, and we haven’t even talked about tomato seed and cranberry seed oil, or the famous super ACAI oil which has the highest ORAC rating for an anti oxidant and 30 times more anthocyanin than red wine! It’s anti oxidant properties have been clinically proven in numerous studies.

But oxidiation is only one element when protecting your skin. Free Radicals are constantly attacking your skin and that is where our powerful compound Lipochroman comes in. Free Radicals can be derived from oxygen (Radical Oxygen Species or ROS) or Nitrogen (Radical Nitrogen Species or RNS). Nitrogen based free radicals are sorely ignored but can be the most damaging on the skin.

The other big factor in skin damage and aging is pollution – specifically pyrenes – thought to be the biggest ager of our time.

Taking ROSEHIP PRO beyond simple anti oxidant protection, Lipochroman is clinically proven to protect against both oxygen and nitrogen based free radicals, and provide a massive 99.3% protection against the genotoxic effects of pollution.

It even protects against UV damage.

ROSEHIP PRO really does have you covered!

Ingredients: Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Seed Oil, Plukenetia Volubilis (Inca Inchi) Seed Oil, Caryodendron Orinocense (Cacay) Seed Oil, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai) Pulp Oil, Squalane (Sugarcane), Pentaclethra Macroloba (Pracaxi) Seed Oil, Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil, Tocotrienols, Tocopherol, Lycopene, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lecithin, Water (Aqua), Swertia Chirata Extract, and Dimethylmethoxy Chromanol. Fragrance Free

Just 2-3 drops has you covered
Lightly press button dropper to release oil one drop at a time. A little goes a long way. This dry oil instantly penetrates skin with no greasy after feel.

Face: As a daily face treatment for accelerated anti-aging and protection, massage 2-3 drops of ROSEHIP PRO to clean skin morning and evening. Follow with your regular treatment or moisturiser. Alternatively, mix 2-3 drops in with your treatment or moisturiser. Wait 2 minutes before applying a treatment, sunscreen or make-up.

Body: Massage into hands, elbows, knees, feet or anywhere you want smoother, softer skin. Apply to decolletage & hands to treat & prevent pigmentation spots. For scars and stretchmarks As a targeted renewal treatment to fade scars and stretchmarks, apply directly to the affected area. May also be used to help prevent stretch marks.

For Hair

  • For growth stimulation and follicle care, massage 3-5 drops into scalp daily.

  • For smoothing and strengthening, apply 3-8 drops to dry hair depending on hair length and thickness. Apply prior to heat styling or sun exposure to protect hair.

For Nails: To strengthen nails and soften cuticles, one drop will cover both hands.

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