Get Organised, Motivated and Ready in Minutes

Get Organised, Motivated and Ready in Minutes

Yes, we may be renowned for taking quite a while in the morning to get ready, and we can tend to get carried away for hours singing in the shower, but this year things are going to change. It’s time to get organised, become motivated and get ready in a matter of minutes in the morning. Find out how we master a glamorous look in less time than ever before.

Beauty Starts with Your Skin

If there is one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that beauty begins with your health, and health is evident in the appearance and radiance of your skin. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and keeping active is a great place to start and you will see the benefits of doing so in the way your skin looks and feels. When you’re healthy and you’ve had eight hours of beauty sleep, your natural beauty will shine through. When your skin becomes clear and blemish free, getting ready in the morning will become a doddle. With less blemishes, redness and dark circles to conceal, your average make-up routine will require minimum coverage, meaning less time spent applying and blending in full-cover foundation and layers of concealer.

Once you’ve altered your diet and exercise routine, why not incorporate a weekly skincare routine featuring hydrating face masks, exfoliating products and rich moisturisers.

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Let Your Hair Do the Talking

Next in line to reveal whether you’ve had a couple of days of binge eating and partying late at night, is your hair. Well-nourished and hydrated hair will accentuate your features and not lie flat or frizzy on your head. Taking the time at the weekend, to apply a hydrating hair mask or nourishing hair oil, such as our Freezeframe Rosehip Pro which will help to speed up the time it takes you to get ready in the morning, as bad hair days will hopefully become a thing of the past. Pampering yourself in general will also help to relieve stress and ensure you look and feel fantastic throughout the week. If you’re applying a rich hair oil make sure to protect your clothes and bedsheets with our exclusive range of PONYDRY waterproof hair sleeves.

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Groom & Go

A time efficient make-up routine can be achieved with weekend grooming. Spending half an hour on a Sunday morning to groom your brows, remove any unwanted facial hair and ensure your features are looking their best, will certainly help to minimise the time is takes you to look and feel fabulous in the morning. Taking your time while grooming will also help to prevent any mistakes such as over plucking, and the natural daylight in the morning will help you to see even the finest of hairs. If you prefer a minimal look during the working week, a power brow can make a beautiful statement and help to draw attention to your eyes. Take a look at our range of eyebrow and eyelash beauty products designed to help you make the most of your naturally beautiful features and help to frame your face.

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