Every Drop Counts - How to Get More from Your Makeup Bag

Every Drop Counts - How to Get More from Your Makeup Bag

Every Drop Counts - How to Get More from Your Makeup Bag

After partying and celebrating throughout the festive period, the New Year has finally arrived and it’s time to turn our attention to our purse strings. When it comes to saving money in January we have a couple of pretty cleaver make-up hacks worth checking out.

Mend Broken Bronzer

Are you all too familiar with that sinking feeling when you drop your favourite bronzer? As you slowly turn it over, the full impact of the cosmetic devastation is revealed. Do not fret, because there is still a shimmer of golden hope left. Rather than admit defeat and throw it away, pour a little drop of 99% alcohol over the broken fragments of golden goodness and press it together with a spoon. Yes, it may get slightly messy but it will be worth it. Allow it to dry thoroughly overnight and in the morning, with a bit of luck your favourite bronzer will be restored.

Get Every Last Drop from Make-up Bottles and Tubes

As we often spend more on essential beauty products such as face primers, foundations and concealers, when you begin to run out, it’s no laughing matter. To make the very most out of your last couple of drops of make-up why not treat yourself to our Every Drop beauty saving tools. These cleaver little spatulas allow you to scoop out every last drop of your favourite beauty product and make the most out of your make-up bag. 

Fix Your Broken Lipstick

This is a fantastic make-up hack that will fix any broken lipstick. If your lippie has taken a tumble and is looking a little worse for wear, take a small tea light and warm up the ends of the two broken pieces, very carefully, and press back together. Wait for approximately 10-20 seconds and your lipstick will be as good as new. 

Match Your Foundation Perfectly

We’ve all been there. You’re in a bit of a rush and you take a chance on a foundation that may or may not be your ideal shade. If the colour is slightly darker than your natural skin-tone, that’s OK. Simply lighten the shade of the foundation using moisturiser. To mix you ideal shade, squeeze a couple of drops of foundation onto your wrist and begin adding drops of moisturiser until the shade matches your skin tone exactly. You’ll never waste money on the wrong shade of foundation or concealer ever again.

Go Nuts for Homemade Make-Up Wipes

Whether you prefer a natural alternative to make-up wipes or you’re running out of cash and you need a frugal method to cleanse and wipe away your waterproof eye make-up here is a brilliant tip. Soak a cotton pad in coconut oil or warm a teaspoon of hard coconut oil in the palms of your hands and gently massage into your skin. For stubborn eye make-up, apply a little coconut oil to a cotton pad and gently wipe away make-up, being careful not to let it enter your eyes. Cleanse your skin after use.

Dry Your Manicure in Minutes

If you’re in a bit of a rush, ensure your freshly painted nails remain beautiful by placing your nails in chilled water for a couple of minutes. The cold water helps to dry the nail varnish faster, leaving you with a manicure to be proud of in the New Year.

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